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The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Audit Guide

You can use this guide to conduct your own eCommerce SEO audit. It is a 34-page document with the most important aspects of an online shopping search engine optimization procedure explained in detail, including technical details like how best practices should be applied for pagination and site speed as well international market variations & hreflang tags that will ensure successful marketing across countries around world . 

eCommerce SEO has been a sleeping giant in the retail world. With many retailers still untouched, it's time to wake up! This guide will help you determine why your business isn't ranking on first page for certain keywords and how fix this problem so that when people search their most valuable terms, they find YOUR store ahead of others with similar products.

But what is Search Engine Optimization? Simply put, it's a way to make your website more visible on Google and other search engines by using the right keywords. You can think of SEO as being made up of three parts: technical optimization (which includes fixing errors), page speed improvements/ fixes and off-site efforts like backlink building. 

In this guide we break down everything from the general overview of information, to international SEO & hreflang tags, to robots.txt files. From there, we dive deep into performing an in-depth content audit, and lastly a backlink audit.

Download Your eCommerce SEO Audit Guide


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